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The Degrees of Knighthood

Everything that we do is guided by the four main principles of our order.


Loving thy neighbor as thyself is the foundation that builds up the community.


We can accomplish much more together than any one of us can individually.


The Knights contributed more than 75.6 million services hours in 2017.


We are proud of what we believe in, and we stand up for our God and country.


Kreider Services

At last night's meeting, we presented one check to Becky Reilly on behalf of Kreider Services with an amount of $976.00. We also will be presenting two other checks, at a later date, to our Lee Co Special Ed & Lee Co. Special Olympics those too will be the same amount. This money came from the Council # 690 Tootsie Roll Drive that was held in September. 

Grand Knight

John Burkhardt


Father Keith Romke

Deputy Grand Knight

Josh Koehler

District Deputy

Keith Adams


George Gil


Paul Thimmesch


Alex Paschal

Financial Secretary

Pat Gorman
(Supreme Appointed)


Alex Velasco

Inside Guard

Chris Metzler

Outside Guard

Mike Deschepper


Mike DeSchepper

3 Year Trustee

Luke Dixon

2 Year Trustee

George Schneider

1 Year Trustee

Bruce Kleinmaier


Ken Mendel

Delegate to the State Convention

Ken Mendel

Alternate to Delegate

Coming soon!

Insurance Field Agent

Joe Yockey

Insurance General Agent

Paul D. Kehoe
Marengo, IL

What is the Knights of Columbus?

The Knights of Columbus was organized in Dixon in June of 1902 by John Ford, John Erwin and other Catholic men. Council 690 works closely with the St. Anne's, and St. Patrick's Parish in Dixon, providing funds for various projects and hours of volunteer service for the Community.


Who are the Knights?

The Knights of Columbus is the world's largest Catholic family fraternal service organization with 1.7 million members. It provides members and their families with volunteer opportunities in service to the Catholic Church, their communities, families and young people.


​​Membership Benefits

As a member of the Knights of Columbus you and your family enjoy many benefits, including 12 free issues annually of Columbia magazine, the world's largest Catholic family magazine, eligibility to join the Knights of Columbus top-ranked life insurance program, (see our insurance agent on the Officers page!), and many more family and personal benefits. Benefits of being a member of your local council: Church Activities, Youth Activities, Family Activities, Community Service and Council Activities.


How to Join

Membership in the Knights of Columbus is open to practicing Catholic men in union with the Holy See, who are at least 18 years old. A practicing Catholic is one who lives up to the Commandments of God and the precepts of the Church. Application blanks are available from any member of the Knights of Columbus.


When are the Meetings?

Meetings take place on every first and third Monday of the month at 7:30 PM, unless there is a national holiday. If the schools are closed or let out early, then the meeting is postponed until the day that the schools open again.

Our First Grand Knight

John E. Ford

Council 690's First Grand Knight

John E. Ford was the first Grand Knight of Dixon Knights of Columbus Council 690.

Eleanor Ford Kenward

John E. Ford's Daughter

This is John E. Ford's daughter. She is currently about 102 years of age!

St. Anne's Catholic Church

1104 N Brinton Avenue, Dixon, IL 61021
Phone: (815) 288-3131
Visit their website!

St. Patrick's Catholic Church

612 S Highland Avenue, Dixon, IL
Phone: (815) 284-7719
Visit their website!


View Mass times for parishes worldwide by visiting masstimes.org!

The knights are trying to utilize the hall for more events. We have such a beautiful building and we offer a complete event experience, including bar, kitchen and event hall. Please help us and participate in the events we offer to you and the public. If you are interested in hall rentals or know somebody that might be, please contact the Knights hall at 815-288-1821 or Tim Stover at 815-288-2984

Renters must be a member of Council #690 or sponsored by a member of the council.
1. Deposit of $100.00 required upon signature of agreement, balance of rental fees due 15 days prior to the event and all beverage and keg fees are due the night of the event. 

2. Reimbursement of any damages to Knights of Columbus Hall or its property is the responsibility of the signed lessor. 

3. Knights of Columbus will not be responsible for stolen items. 

4. Food must be catered or prepared before it is brought to the hall. 

The kitchen can be used to reheat or store food prior to event if rented; otherwise, no access will be available. 

5. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR POP are NOT ALLOWED to be brought into hall. All beverages Must Be purchased through the bar. 

6. Knights of Columbus are responsible for providing the bartenders. 

7. Events cancelled will FORFEIT deposit. 

8. Lessee is responsible for set up and take down of tables and chairs. All tables and chairs moved from bar room need to be returned. All chairs removed from rack & closet need to be returned. All tables used from under stage must be put back. 

9. All tables must be cleared off and garbage disposed to dumpster following the end of the event. 

10. Knights of Columbus janitor will clean up after event for an additional fee. 


12. Knights of Columbus reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time if these rules are broken or disobeyed. 

For information or questions concerning these rules contact Tim Stover @ 815-288-2984 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM (Please leave a message if there is no answer)


Service is not the only way to help the Knights of Columbus — volunteers and donations to help better the community are greatly appreciated!

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